Cosmic Battery
As Channeled by Jonette Crowley

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The “Cosmic Battery” is a visualization process that immediately brings calmness, peace and order. It can create a space for healing, manifesting and acceptance.


We have developed several visualizations to aid in your perception of those parts of the universe that you cannot see. The first is the Cosmic Battery.


The Cosmic Battery is first visualized as a flat plate, a flattened disc of spiraled energy. It is like a phonograph record, but infinite in all directions. It is spiraled from the inside out. Imagine that you have an infinite number of flat spirals stacked upon each other, each holding a different frequency. In this way, an incredible amount of energy can be held in storage in an organized, elegant way. You can feel the great amount of power that seems to be concentrated in a very safe and usable way.


IN your life, many things are demanding your attention. Each of them takes a very different frequency. Take the energies of all those things that affect you and imagine them in the discs of the Cosmic Battery. This cosmic sorting will bring an instant sense of calm. A feeling of order has been brought to the chaos. This battery can be used for any situation that you can think of. To work with this battery is of great service, for it allows the Earth to continue taking on more energy and it allows mankind to survive it by providing an organized place for energy to be stored.


The Cosmic Battery, through visualization, allows the inclusion of energy. There is nothing that is not in the Cosmic Battery. At first, you hold and visualize the Cosmic Battery. Eventually, you become the battery and you carry that structure of energy in your aura, your energetic field. Automatically, as you walk around being the Cosmic Battery, things work. Things are smooth. Chaos dissolved and can’t be found. If there is something you want to change, something you want to experience from a higher level, absorb it into the Cosmic Battery. Perceptions will change, relationships will change. By visualizing or experiencing the battery, you are the battery.


As you expand your visualization of layers and layers of flattened spirals, you expand the energy you can hold. It becomes softer and easier. It is natural to be expanded. It takes energy to be small, to be dens. As you let go of being small, energy is released and you feel calm, still, comfortable. So it isn’t that you need more energy to get into these larger spaces so much as it is you need to let go of the energy that was holding you in smaller spaces.


Create a solution of energy for the whole day in the morning before you get out of your bed. How do you do that? Get centered, bring all of the energy of the day into the Cosmic Battery visualization so that it is energized and potent. Keep reminding yourself to be in the flow. If you need to attract something in your life, get clear about what your energy is. Create an electromagnetic field in your aura for the highest good, by visualizing the Cosmic Battery. Then bring in the energy of what you wish to attract. Let that energy organize itself as it compliments your energy. Do not change your energy to match a project. If something does not coordinate with it, then that project is not in your highest good. Creating solutions in energy is the easiest way to conduct your lives.


We would like to say a few words about geometric shapes. There is a realm in between the physical plane and the plane of pure thought that is the realm of geometries. Geometric shapes take pure energy and structure it in such a way that it can be communicated. At some point, it is communicated to be a physical thing. There is actually a geometric structure that became communicated on the Earth and became you. So in transition between pure thought, which is so unstructured as to be unthinkable, and the physical realm, is geometries.


As humans develop their consciousness more and more, they are coming face to face with geometries. You find them in your dreams and in your meditations. People go to high realms and return; they start drawing things and don’t know what they are. You find them in your crop circles. Humans are getting to the point of vibration when you interface more with geometries.


The benefit is that geometries contain unadulterated energy that has not been symbolized and diluted on down to physical manifestation. Whenever you encounter energies of geometries, just let them imprint upon you; let your aura, your light body, carry that sequence of vibrations. There is nothing you need to do about it. When Geometries present themselves, absorb them.